Moms, Do You Take Time for Yourself?

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Many moms — even if we believe it's good for our mental health and helps us to stay happier — don't, won't, or can't find a way to regularly take time for ourselves.

This time away from the kids — otherwise known as "alone time," "you time," "escape from kid mountain time," or "mama needs a cocktail time" — often falls by the wayside in our busy lives.

Do you do take "me" time? Do you make getting out and taking that precious time for yourself a priority?

Take our poll and tell us why or why not.


Feel free to expand on your answer about "me" time in the comments below.

If you take regular time outs for yourself, tell us your favorite things to do. If you don't take time away, why won't you, don't you, or can't you take time for yourself?



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