Why Some Women Won't Use Sunscreen

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For some CafeMoms, deciding on a sunscreen isn't as simple as picking which number SPF to use.

Sunblock can be expensive, and to save money some moms will put it on their kids but not themselves. Some CafeMoms don't use it because they are allergic and break out in hives or rashes. Other women who follow a more natural lifestyle shun it becaue of the chemicals and ingredients used in many of the popular products.

A few have even resorted to making their own sunscreen.

"I've always felt sunscreen was more dangerous than the sun," notes one CafeMom.


The American Cancer Society respectfully disagrees, and will offer up study after to study to convince you otherwise. You can believe it or not, but according to the stats, more than 1 million of the non-melanoma (the non fatal kind) of skin cancers diagosed every year in the US are from the sun. And additional 60,000 people will get melanoma, with sun exposure also to thank.

Check out the ACS Sun Safety page for more facts when you get a chance.

But those concerns about breakouts and chemical are legit, too. So for them, here's a resource to help them find a sunscreen that works for them: a Cosmetic Safety Database from the Working Environmental Group.

Enter the search term "sunscreen" and up pops a list of 890 of products rated low, moderate, or high hazard in terms of safety and effectiveness. Come back to this post and let us know if you find a good one!



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