Easily Grossed Out? You May Be a Republican

conservatives more likely to be grossed out

Kiss me!

Pretend you are a cavewoman.

You're hunting for food for your cavebaby, and you come across a rotting rabbit carcass, covered with maggots and ooze. EWWW! you think. GROSS!

Do you take that home for dinner? Of course not. You're disgusted, which is your mind's way of telling you your family may get sick if they eat it.

Scientists say this evolutionary mechanism of repulsion aimed to protect us from illness and danger also feeds our political choices.

People who are easily disgusted by gore, slime, or dead bodies are more likely to be conservative than liberal.


In two separate studies by Cornell University researchers, people who rated higher in "disgust sensitivity tests" are more likely to oppose gay marriage and abortion, thereby making them more conservative.

Conservatives argue these feelings alone are enough to judge something wrong or immoral. Liberals disagree, and are more likely to base a judgement on whether an action or thing causes harm.

Here's a test to see where you stand:

1. Can you watch Saw V while eating a hamburger?

2. Would you be able to assist in the birth of someone's baby?

3. Do you play with bugs?

If you answered "no" to all three you are probably a Republican.

Do we rely too much on emotions in making judgements and decisions with our own kids? How does a mother's instinct fit in -- should we always trust that it's right?

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