Sunglasses With UV-Protection for the Whole Family

summer safety

Family Sunglasses

Protecting the eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays is critical for the whole family—parents, teens, big kids, and babies too! This summer, don't forget to gear up everyone in the family with a nice pair of protective shades.


While sunglasses make for a wonderful fashion accessory, they serve more importantly to protect your family's eyes. The right pair will protect the delicate skin on the eyelids as well as the eye itself.

Most parents remember to buy their older children sunglasses, and teens and tweens like to pick out their own, but babies need eye protection too. Over in Baby Buzz, Cafe Suzanne reminds us that "some eye doctors and pediatricians recommend sunglasses for babies as young as 9 months." 

You can read more about the importance of ultraviolet (UV) eye protection and find some great styles for mom in today's earlier Beauty & Style post: Sunglasses With UV-Protection & Style.

All the above sunglasses for babies, big kids, and teens offer UV protection. Click the photo for source and pricing information.

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