Cell Phone Elbow on the Rise

cell phone elbow

I get horrible pain in my wrists, something close to carpal tunnel syndrome but not quite, when I type or hold a book for long periods of time. I'm glad I'm not a big cell phone talker because then I might also get cubital tunnel syndrome, or cell phone elbow.

This is a brand new condition that's riding the tide with the addiction to talking on cellies for hours on end each day, according to CNN.com.


Pretend to hold your cell phone to your ear right now. See how your elbow bends at an angle greater than 90 degrees? This compression stretches a nerve running through the arm and into the little fingers of your hand.

The injury occurs when you talk for hours in this position. Like any activity, a little bit here and there won't hurt you.

Symptoms are tingling and loss of feeling in the fingers, as well as having trouble playing instruments, opening jars, and other fine motor tasks.

Extreme cases require surgery -- ouch! Time to consider a Bluetooth, or at least rethinking your Chatty Cathy habits.

How many hours a day do you hold your phone to your ear? Does it make your hands hurt?

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