Do Women Get More Cavities than Men?

Trinsmom's daughter after a trip to the dentist.

A study recently suggested that women might get more cavities than men. A researcher at the University of Oregon found that prehistoric females had more tooth decay because of fertility issues and female hormones.

I read several stories online suggesting that this dental inequality might still be true today. But I thought, 'Wait one second, mine are healthier than my husband's. My teeth are definitely whiter.' I asked Ron Rotem, DDS, a dentist in Toms River, NJ, for his opinion.


"If anything, I have found women to be more diligent about their oral health than men," Rotem says. "Studies have shown that women frequent health care professionals more than men. I find more cavities in men."

Another dentist Michael Bar, DDS, in Palm Beach, FL, agreed. He told me, "Women are prevention-minded. Men are crisis-oriented. I'd say that I do not see a higher number of cavities in women than in men."

I'm glad I've got this dilemma figured out; I'll sleep better tonight. I was confused. I mean, my husband never flosses, and I do it every day (well, almost). He doesn't get his teeth cleaned every six months, I do. Actually, I'm going to show him this story and remind him to take better care of his smile.


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