Hand Sanitizers and Soap -- Are You Germ Obsessed?

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germs and hand sanitizers

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The following is a guest post by Ideal Bite's Mama Bite Editor Alison Neumer Lara.

In the days before my due date, I tried to arrange any last-minute necessities for daily life -- a full fridge, toothpaste, clean clothes, etc. -- so we could hunker down after Roxie's arrival.

Part of that plan included putting hand soap and eco hand sanitizer at every sink. I steer clear of the anti-bacterial stuff, which uses chems that can make bacteria and germs even stronger (and reduce the effectiveness of antibiotics). I displayed them prominently next to a stack of towels so our steady stream of visitors would pick up the hint without having to be told: Wanna hold the baby? Wash your hands.


Nine months later we're still fairly diligent about frequent hand-washing (fun for kids: recite the alphabet for the appropriate amount of time), though now it's done to get rid of Roxie's germs (oh, just pick your bodily fluid) as much as ours.

That hand sanitizer? It's stationed next to her changing table and diapers (My husband has started calling the used diapers "hate crimes." Poop, there it is.)

 The whole swine flu scare has added a new layer of precaution -- out come the wipes at the grocery store, and I've stashed yet more hand sanitizer in the car and in my purse -- but we're not panicky.  For now, I'm more concerned with that next nasty nappy.

Are you obsessed about germs, or did you quit the habit after the newness of the baby wore off? Do you keep hand sanitizers around the house?

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