Prevent Sunburn With UV Wristbands

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uv wristband prevents sunburn

I'm freckly with really fair skin, so despite my best efforts (and constant sunscreen application), I'm always getting sunburn in the summer. That's why these new, sun-safe UV SunSense wristbands caught my eye—they change color to let you know when to reapply sunscreen and when to get out of the sun.


The band monitors how much UV radiation the wearer has soaked up. Here's how it works: The wristbands start off orange. Place wristband on your wrist, color side-up, and apply sunscreen (SPF 15 or higher) to exposed skin and over the band. When the wrist is exposed to sunlight, it immediately turns purple to indicate that it has been activated. When the band turns brown, that means it's time to apply more sunscreen. If it turns orange/peach, it is recommended that you get out of the sun. They even work in water!

Cost is $5.87-$7.89 for a package of seven. I found them at, or you can check the official Web site for more retail locations.

Would you wear a UV wristband this summer?

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