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best sports bras

Sports bras a matter of safety? You've heard the joke about big breasts and black eyes. Keeping the girls on lock-down while exercising is important to avoid pain and strain.

According to Sabrena Merrill, a fitness expert and spokesman for the American Council on Exercise, half to two-thirds of all active women experience breast pain during exercise. Long term, movement can stretch ligaments and cause breast to sag, she says.

But I've yet to find one that feels and works the way it's supposed to -- one that ... does not too tight or too loose, trap sweat, require an escape artist background to get in and out of, and does not give me a uniboob.

I asked other CafeMoms what they wear, and here's the sports bra that many well-endowed moms recommend for function and comfort ...


The Danskin Now High Impact RacerBack Zip Sports Bra. I found one online and at Walmart for $11.

"It's super comfortable and has almost the same shape as a regular bra, but it holds them in better," says bnj03.

Merrill from ACE offers these tips for finding the perfect sports bra for your shape:

  • Smaller-cup-size women should look for compression sports bras, which flatten the breasts to the chest wall, thereby repositioning the center of mass of the breast.
  • Women with larger cups sizes should choose encapsulation sports bras (the one above is an example), which contain moulded cups that encapsulate each breast separately and allow independent movement of the left and right breast.
  • Try on sports bras before purchasing them. Jump up and down a few times in the dressing and make note of the movement of the breasts and any chaffing from the bra. A small amount of breast movement is normal, but a woman should feel supported while jumping. Also, look for soft, moisture-wicking fabrics such as Coomax or Supplex to avoid chaffing.

I'm not busty, but I prefer sports bras with individual cups. What type do you prefer? Do you sometimes wear it when you're not exercising?

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