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Afraid to Fly? These Tips Will Help

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fear of flyingI love to travel, but I hate to fly. And while I've ever let my fear of flying stop me from going anywhere, I do know some people (including one of my favorite aunts) who have and I think that's a shame. At least one out of six adults is afraid of flying and get this—it's estimated that 35 percent of all airline crews (flight attendants and pilots!) also have a fear of flying, but according to travel expert James Wysong, there are some things you can do to get your fear under control.

1. Don't conceal it. Tell the gate agent, the flight attendant, and the passengers sitting around you—what you need is support, not added frustrations by suffering in silence. Some kind soul is sure to make a special effort to check in on you during the flight.

2. Treat the turbulence like bumps in the road. Don’t tense up or fight it, rather, let your body sway with the plane's movements.

3. Sit at the front of the plane. Turbulence at the back is much worse.

4. Take short flights on big planes. Don't try to overcome your fear of flying in a two-seater 15-hour flight. It probably won't work.

5. Distract yourself. Watch movies, read magazines, listen to music, do anything to keep your mind occupied.

6. Avoid coffee and caffeine. It will only make you more anxious.

7. Wear a rubber band on your wrist. Whenever you feel yourself getting agitated,snap it against your skin. The pain is a reality bite and will take your mind off turbulence.

For more ideas check out 10 Tips for the Fearful Flyer at MSNBC.

Are you afraid of flying? Do you skip it all together or force yourself to travel? How do you deal with your fear?



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frank... frankfurtchick

i am, too, suuuuper anxious about flying. Although I have been taking countless ones as a child, it all of a sudden hit me a couple of years ago and ever since it's been a horrifying experience. what's more problematic is that i come from Germany and any time I want to see my friends and family I will have to bite the bullet. Moreover I have to additionally take care of my child which seems impossible under the ammount of stress the situation puts me under. Last time (to come over to the States) my husband took care of the baby and I druged myself with sleeping pills. That will not work next time though, because he is deploying and in case I want to go home for Christmas I have to deal with it on my home. Even after taking to a shrink and reading books on the subject I was not able to let go of it. 

drago... dragonflylovr19

This is so funny that this article was posted today!  Just last night when I couldn't sleep I was thinking "I think I am ready to fly!!"  How crazy this was posted!  I have never flown and the thought used to make me super nervous!  Now, just to have the money and destination!

seasi... seasidegrandma

 I tok my grandson to Florida duting the summer of 2008. He said he was afraid of flying. I didn't tell him that I had never been on a plane before either. I couldn't let him know or I wouldn't be able to calm him down. I don't fly often but a 3 hour plane ride was so much better for us than a 16 hour car ride and I was the only driver going. We were gong to se his mom who was in Florida at the time. I loved it and he hung on my arm the whole time. If flying weren't so expemsive, I would fly more often. I like the idea of a shorter trip.

Toddl... ToddlerBrain82

Thank you for the tips! We are flying in September, a 6 hour flight out to California. I haven't flown since I was a teenager and I developed a real anxiety about flying after 9/11. I appreciate you sharing these tips and I definitely plan on using them!

momx32 momx32

I'm 26 and I flew to Nevada from Wyoming to get married 5 years ago and it was on a 747 so not a tiny plane but I WILL NEVER EVER EVER fly again. My hubby flys half way around the word to work on an offshore oil rig and wants me to go to Amsterdam with him but I just can't do it. I can't stand the idea of not playing some part in my fate. In a car i can change what happens by turning the wheel but in a plane I can't control anything about what is happening. I also don't do roller coasters because of that. I'm not a controllingperson though. I guess if I'm going to die god says when but maybe I can change how......... or something like that. Last year hubby almost divorced me for not meeting him in Amsterdam when he got delayed for work. The other reason I won't fly is with three kids under 4 I can't even imagine trying to get through airport security.  I have family living about 900 miles away and they always try to give us free airline tickets but always tell them nope I'll drive.

NanaAmyK NanaAmyK

I had a flight attendant tell me that the worse turbulence in during the change of seasons, March and November.  I avoid flying those months, if possible.  I also read and lately,  use earphones to listen to music to distract my self..  It's not a cure but it helps.  My desire to travel outweighs my fear so far.

Che Roberts

I am just too scared or the sounds the heights the people, What am I to do? Should I or shouldn't I

coppe... copperswifey

Those are good tips. I am scared to fly. I just feel claustrophobic in there. They have you so jammed packed in there. The way I deal with it is I don't fly lol :/

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