Are You Wearing the Wrong Bra Size?

braHaving worked in the lingerie industry for several years now, my sister, Kristin, is an expert on all things bra, breast, and nipple. She's Regional Manager and Fit Specialist for a large, well-known retail store; but I prefer to call her the "boobologist."

Today, I asked her to depart some wisdom on how to know if you are wearing the wrong bra size. She found out that I was wearing the wrong size and made me switch—seriously, it changed my life!


Here's what she had to say:

Eight out of 10 women are wearing the incorrect bra size. It's important to wear the correct size not only to improve your overall image and confidence levels, but also to help prevent physical ailments (such as back problems) down the line. The following are several indicators that it is time to invest in a new bra:

Issue 1: The band of your bra rides up in the back.

Why: When you purchased your bra, you either chose a band size that was too large, or you have worn your bra for so long that it has become stretched out. Your bra is the equivalent of a see-saw. If one side should travel upward, then the opposite will come down. Therefore, if the band is working its way north, then the girls are...yes you know the rest.

Issue 2: Your cups "runneth over."

Why: A woman should have two breasts, not four! The purpose of a bra—or let's say a supportive bra—is to lift and separate one breast from the other. If this is not happening, and your breasts are escaping from the confines of your cups, chances are your cups are too small.


Issue 3: You can fit your keys, wad of cash, and a snack for later in your bra.

Why: Denial. It your bra is gapping or wrinkling, probably the cup is too large. Give in, and admit it. Stop trying to be a bigger bra size than you are. My sister, Kim, had this issue—that's how she went from a C-cup to a B. It was a hard pill for her to swallow, but trust me she looks much better now.


Issue 4: You miss the turn for the supermarket because you were too busy trying to yank your falling bra straps back onto your shoulders.

Why: Your bra is too big. Every aspect of a bra is proportional to its size, meaning that the bigger the size of the bra, the bigger the band, cups, straps, etc. Stop spending your day uncomfortably trying to keep your bra from falling off and consider a new bra.


Issue 5: Your bra straps are digging and making dents into your shoulders.

Why: You are erroneously trying to delegate a very important job to your bra straps. A bra generates its support from your bra band which is why, as I pointed out in Issue 1, it is so important that the band fits snugly. Your straps are digging most likely because the band is not tight enough to perform its job function.

Stay tuned until next week when we will examine quick-and-easy fixes to these and other prevalent bra issues!

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