When is Alcohol a Problem?

Champagne, don't temp me.

I have been on a drinking hiatus for over a week, and I've been more alert, plus I've slept better. But it's really hard not to drink. I was at a wedding Saturday, and it took all my willpower to just say no to champagne. After I wrote about taking a break from alcohol, Brooke11 said she's banned drinking--for the most part--from her life, too. Another commenter, jblueeyes228, brought up the idea that if you have to tell yourself to stop with the alcohol, then that alone could be a sign of a problem. Hmmm.


I found an article on how to cut back on drinking that made some interesting points. And here are suggestions for lowering your alcohol intake, which has many health benefits including reducing your daily calories:

  1. Always stick to your limit.
  2. Don't drink alone.
  3. Drink slowly; don't gulp your beverage; and don't drink on an empty stomach.
  4. Don't drink every day.
  5. Add water or soda water to your drink to extend it without adding more alcohol.
  6. Don't start drinking the moment you arrive home or at an event. Wait awhile.
  7. Change your routine. For instance, if you normally have a drink at home after work, eat dinner or work out instead. Plan other activities to occupy your time.

Here's my question, when is drinking--even just a little--a problem?

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