Motion Sickness Prevention for Long Car Rides

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carI get the WORST motion sickness on long car rides. Trust me, it's not pretty. And because we're planning a road trip from Chicago to Florida this summer to visit family, I've decided to do a little research on some tips for preventing motion sickness—for the sake of everyone's sanity.


The Mayo Clinic has some excellent tips for preventing motion sickness in both adults and kids:

  • Focus attention elsewhere. Try to distract from that queasy feeling by looking out the front window or having a conversation. For kids, it's always good to have a toy (not a book!) or interactive car game like "I Spy" ready to divert their attention.
  • Eat before the trip. Hunger can actually make motion sickness symptoms worse. Be sure to avoid overly sugary, salty, or greasy foods, which can irritate the stomach.
  • Cool air helps. Air conditioning or fresh air from an open window can work wonders.
  • Make frequent stops. Taking a break from driving can alleviate symptoms.

Some snacks and beverages that make also help to prevent or alleviate motion sickness and settle an upset stomach include: ginger snaps (ginger is a traditional remedy for nausea), saltines, fresh water, peppermints, lollipops, and ginger ale.

I've also heard that some people have luck with wristbands and over-the-counter medicine like Drammamine or Benadryl, but I have yet to try these.

What are your tips for preventing motion sickness?

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