Planning for Your Period

It's nice to know when to expect your period for many reasons. Are you trying to conceive? Then you need to know when you start so you can figure out when you are most likely to ovulate. Or are you like me, and you just don't want to be surprised? An anonymous CafeMom inspired me to get my menstrual cycle organized with her question about online menstrual calendars.


Personally, after not having my period for almost two years (during pregnancy and 12 months of breastfeeding), my menstrual cycles sneak up on me. The cramps will start, and I have no pain reliever. I also have to run to the drug store for supplies at inopportune moments.

Here are a few free online tools that might help those of us who try to stay organized:

  • MyMonthlyCycles has period and ovulation calendars plus reminders.
  • features menstrual calculators and sells good quality, cheaper pregnancy and ovulation tests.
  • LadyTimer will send free text message reminders to your cell phone.
  • Cycle Calculator is a program you can download to keep track of your period, most fertile days and even your pregnancy.

But I'll probably continue on as I do now, I'll use  iCal (the generic calendar program on my Mac) and be more prepared. How do you keep track of your period?

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