Do You Have Period Panties?


underwear for menstruationIf I were writing in Beauty & Style Buzz, I might be talking about vintage undergarments from the 19th century. But I know you know I'm talking about Aunt Flo's visit at that time of the month. (Man, I haven't used those euphemisms in 15 years.)

After reading a post about this in The CafeMom Newcomer's Club, I made a couple of observations about the underwear we keep buried deep in the back of the drawer:

Period panties are almost never new. In nearly all cases they start out fresh and even sexy, only relegated to their new status following a bout of forgetfulness, ill timing, or other unforseen messes circumstances.

Guys just don't get them."My boyfriend saw some of my 'dirty' panties and he's all, "Are you keeping these?" says one mom. "I told him yes and he looked at me like I was dirty. I had to explain to him that just like birth control, tampons and pads can fail too."

Many are white or light colored. For the reason above -- they don't start out as period panties. Why don't we get a clue and buy some colored ones once in a while? "I actually bought some black ones so they don't look so nasty. My SO just about vomited when he saw my 'rag ins' so since then they have been black."

Bleach is not a good solution. Yet we continue to saturate the crotch, only to toss them in the trash a few washes later when the big hole appears.

Plummeting hormones must release chemicals that trigger hording behavior. How else would you explain our refusal to just toss the nasty granny pants out and buy a fresh pack every other month or so? "I actually just get cheap ones from Target for that," says a CafeMom. "I keep all my Victoria's Secret ones for the safe time of month."

The period panties virus can spread to your entire wardrobe. "I also have period shorts and shirts that I wear to sleep. If my pad does me wrong, I wash them every day if I have to."

Do you have period panties -- old underthings reserved for that one week a month? C'mon, I know you do ...



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amw529 amw529


I actually have gotten many stains to soften (not completely out) with shampoo and cold water. 

These panties are also my largest most comfortable ones since I bloat terribly and I wear the massive pads since I bleed so much. 

jcsmummy jcsmummy

i do. black ones so they don't look so nasty.

shakl... shaklee_momma

Me too.  Mine are stretchy cotton.

ZiemMya2 ZiemMya2

Yes balck ones are the bset because youdont see the stains>>> JCSMUMMY: is defently right about that!!!

auror... aurorabunny

Well...I don't wear underwear so all of my panties are period panties, LOL.

jackdaw jackdaw

Yep, definitely the black ones. :-)

Soak in cold salt water when accidents happen.

sweet... sweetpeatexas21

honestly? mine are my old maternity ones. they are roomie enough and soft as all get out. plus i really am not planning on getting preggo for a few more years so i really dont care if they have a stain or two.

that and come on how many maternity panties are sexy?? lol

Jynx1978 Jynx1978

I rarely have a period (once a year, maybe)...  I have two pairs of black granny panties that look like a Hefty garbage sack. 

madam... madamekatekate

Right now I don't have any panties that stay on me at all, lol. So, since my belly started showing this pregnancy it's safe to say that I've been "freeballin" the whole time. It's either that or reaching down my pants (which requires reaching down the entire maternity panel, lmao) and hiking them up every five steps in public or just going without.

But when I'm not pregnant I have more period panties than regular. Something always happen regardless of how hard I plan. Something. Always. Happens. So, I have "pretty" or "cute" panties that I refuse to put on during that time of month (to prevent ANYTHING happening) and the rest of them are period panties, lol.

qtmomof2 qtmomof2

Well they aren't old, stretched out, and in need of a sewing machine LOL! I do replace the "period panties" when needed! But YES ..I do have separate undies for that reason. I usually just go with a comfy cotton brief.

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