Burn With Me -- And Wear Your Bikini With Pride!

Photo by beachmamaof2

I've made good on my promise to my doctor to exercise more and I joined a gym. Though I've only been a few times in the last couple of weeks (still trying to squeeze in the time), I'm already addicted to Spinning Class.

At first, the thought of cramming into a cold, tiny room that's wall-to-wall with bikes and little breathing room was a huge turn-off. But wow does that class kick my butt.

I can barely breathe, walk or function after the class, but a few days later I feel great. Strong. Trimmer. Spinning is one of the highest calorie-burning forms of cardio at the gym, and good Spin instructor targets specific muscle groups and combines strength training and stretching into the routine.


Not only did I join the gym, I joined Fit Moms: Exercise and Health Enthusiasts Group here on CM. The ladies there have been pledging their cardio minute goals for the month of May, and it's not too late to join in the May Cardio Pledge Challenge.

Most moms are pledging between 1,000-1,500 minutes, but one gal is more realistic and starting with 400 minutes.

I myself am starting with 800. Two Spin classes on the weekends and two nights of walking after the kids go to bed during the week, and I should be able to hit it.

"I think it helps to a really good extent when moms pledge their resolutions on CafeMom," says Summersnowflake, group owner of Fit Moms. "I think it helps because it puts their resolutions/goals out there for people to see, and in doing so it keeps them moving towards their goal."

If you need some help calculating what you'd like to burn based on the type of exercise you do, go to this calorie activity calculator I found on glamour.com. When I plugged in Spinning, duration, my weight, and intensity of exercise, it told me that I burn almost 500 calories in 45 minutes of cycling.

What's your favorite cardio exercise -- the one that really kicks your butt? Have you pledged your cardio minutes yet?

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