Today is Bike To Work Day!

Today is Bike to Work Day!


Bike to Work Day is an annual, nationally recognized, event to support bicycling as a commute option. If you don't have to take the kids anywhere and if you don't live ridiculously far from where you work, this is a great way to save money, work out your body, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Here are some safety tips to keep in mind if you plan on riding your bike to work:

  1. Obey traffic signs and signals.
  2. Never ride against traffic.
  3. Wear a helmet!
  4. Do not ride with headphones on.
  5. Don't pass on the right. Motorists may not look for or see a bicycle passing on the right.
  6. Make eye contact with drivers so you know they see you.
  7. Keep both hands ready to break.
  8. Use hand signals to tell motorists and pedestrians what you intend to do.

Are you going to ride your bike to work today?

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