Ciao Bellas!


eating junk food

Before CafeMom's Healthy Living (Paula Deen's cooking)

I've had my fair share of weight battles, body image problems, and fitness motivation issues, but blogging for Healthy Living has helped me with all three of these. Honestly. Knowing that I'm responsible for sharing health and lifestyle information with all of you has made me think twice before making an unhealthy decision. Examples: I eat candy for dinner way less -- I'm down to once a month during that special time (wink, wink); I exercise at least 30 minutes a day (walking is exercise); and I try to eat more veggies (I really do try). I'm obviously not leaving to become a Jenny Craig spokeswoman or to write a fitness book anytime soon. Nor, will you see me in a bikini on the cover of People. Ever. But, I am saying ciao for now.



eating junk food

After CafeMom's Healthy Living (PD's cooking, untouched)

I've got some new projects on the horizon that I need to focus on, but once the government allows humans to clone themselves, I may be able to juggle more. For now, I hope you all stay in touch with me on CafeMom -- look out for me on the message boards and in comments. It's been so much fun getting to know you! (I'm gonna need your inspiration to stay healthy.)


What's your biggest healthy living struggle?




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