Finding Time to Exercise

finding time to exerciseMy doctor thinks I'm lying when I tell him that I have no time to exercise. Nothing. Zero. Every second of each day is scheduled. I rarely touch ground.

You see, I'm busier than most people, I explain. I work a lot and by the time I come home, I need to spend every second up till bedtime with my kids. Same on the weekends. Between grocery shopping and swimming lessons and everything else, there's just no time!

I can see my doc's skepticism in the way he nods slowly while he comes up with a way to trap me.

"So, what are your favorite television shows? Anything you like watching lately?"

"Ah, no, actually, I don't watch TV," I say.

"Nothing at all? Not even an hour here or there?" he says.


"Nope. I wish I could, but once I get the kids off to bed, I'm exhausted and I collapse in bed myself."

He's quiet again, still trying to figure out how to prove that I am no different from any other busy person, and convince me there is ALWAYS time to exercise.

I won't admit it, but he is right. There's time if you want there to be. And in my case, exercise isn't an option. I'm not overweight, but I have a very slight build, so I'm at high risk for osteoporosis when I'm older.

The type of exercise I need can't be done with my children, and I have to start now. I need the weight bearing kind to work my bones several times a week, one of the best ways to ward the bone-deteriorating disease.

So, I am listening to the doc and joining a gym. That's the easy part. Now, when to find time to go? In the morning? Impossible. At lunch? Impossible? After the kids go to bed? I'll never, ever get to sleep at night!

Sigh. How do you sneak exercise into your day? Do you feel guilty that your workouts are cutting into quality time with your kids?

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