Mother's Day Blues


Photo by JenRaynor

For some women, Mother's Day is a day when you allow yourself to get spoiled by your family and to show appreciation for you own mother. But for others, this holiday can be a depressing reminder for what they don't have.



For Mom Logic blogger, Sherre Hirsch, Mother's Day is a source of great stress this year. She's the mother of three (with #4 on its way), a rabbi, and a wife. Mother's Day is supposed to be all about her -- being taken care of, relaxing. But Hirsch is also a daughter who's taking care of her mother. Her mom, 64, has brain cancer. Hirsch wrote: "I want to go back to the time before my mother got sick. The time when I could call her and talk just about nothing. The time when she helped drive carpool. The time when I could meet her for lunch. The time when doctor's appointments, treatments, and IVs were not part of our daily conversation. The time when I did not count time...Will we be able to spend time with her that day? Will we be able to go to brunch? Will she be able to eat? Will we be able to smile, laugh, and be happy?"

Hirsch admits her desire to skip the holiday this year all together, but she doesn't want to set a precedence for her children and she doesn't want to disappoint her mother who's looking forward to the holiday. In the meantime, she plans to blog about this time in her life so that others can find comfort: "Many of us are in a similar boat -- navigating the rocky waters of motherhood and daughterhood and grief. My hope in writing this is that together we will find comfort and community, and ultimately some peace."

Have you ever considered skipping Mother's Day? How did you get through it?

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