Weighted Bracelets Will Work Out Your Arms

BanglzLet's face it, no matter what your fitness goals, your family and work usually come first leaving less time for the workouts you crave. With this in mind, two moms from the Philadelphia area created wearable workouts so that you burn more calories just by going through the usual motions of your day. True story.




fitnessUwear is a line of "wearable fitness" products that include wrist weights, ankle weights, and resistance slips (that's right - you wear the slip underneath your clothes and it adds resistance to build your muscles). The slight weight of the wearable products help tone your arms, legs, hips, and glutes. I wore the Banglz around my wrists on-and-off for a week and my arms actually felt a little sore -- that means they work! They come in all different styles so they blend in with your outfits. To learn more about these products visit banglz.com.


How do you fit fitness into your daily life? Think you would try these?


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