Does Jessica Simpson Make You Feel Fat?

Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson is on the June cover of Vanity Fair looking, in my opinion, gorgeous. And although photographer Mario Testino's slideshow of Simpson evoked an old Hollywood glamour and sexiness, writer Rich Cohen couldn't help but poke fun at the star's weight.



Jezebel posted some excerpts from Cohen's article: "First, the sudden weight gain, as evidenced by pictures that turned up in the tabloids earlier this year showing the starlet, onstage, looking less than slender, holding the microphone like a turkey leg, and wearing what were described everywhere as "mom jeans.""

"Less slender," "turkey leg," "mom jeans" -- fat innuendos or creative license?

Cohen continued his gibes: "She didn't want to talk about her weight, so, of course, that's all I could think of-it gilded each question in my mind: What are you working on now [that you're fat]? Do you see yourself as part of a class, with Christina and Britney [or are you too fat]? Do you feel that your relationship with Tony Romo has affected his performance as a quarterback [because you are fat]?"


How do you feel about coverage of celebrity weight gain? And, in honor of Love Yourself Day Thursday -- what's your favorite physical feature? (I like my hands :))

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