Spring Clean The Calories Away


spring cleaning

Photo by cozycabinmom

Spring is in the air, which inspires most of us to take a good look around our homes and through our closets and garages to decide what should stay and what should go. (Of course calories are always a welcome departure.) The good news is that spring cleaning not only clears out excess baggage, it also clears out extra calories.



In "Spring Clean the Calories Away," Woman's Day provided a list of household chores and the amount of calories you can burn doing each activity for 30 minutes:

Mopping: 140 calories

Vacuuming: 140 calories

Ironing: 75 calories

Dusting: 120 calories

Making the bed: 94 calories

Watering outdoor plants: 120 calories

Cooking dinner: 90 calories

Pulling weeds: 177 calories

Mowing: 120 calories

Raking leaves: 144 calories

Grocery shopping: 130 calories

Washing your car: 150 calories

Cleaning up the kitchen: 150 calories

Rearranging furniture: 113 calories

Indoor painting: 102 calories

What's your favorite chore (or 'household activity')?



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