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More than 19 million Americans suffer from depression yearly and women are twice as likely as men to experience a major depressive episode, according to the American Psychological Association. And, according to the National Women's Health Information Center (NWHIC), 10 percent of women suffer from postpartum depression. With so many women battling depression and the blues, how does it affect their parenting?


In the article "Parenting Through Depression," on Strollerderby, Jane Roper wrote about her experience as a depressive mother. "I've had to wrestle with the sadness and guilt of not being able to be the kind of mother I want to be -- engaged, energetic, patient," she wrote. "My depression makes me irritable, lethargic, and unable to take pleasure in anything -- symptoms that don't go particularly well with running around after a pair of toddlers." In order to cope with her depression and put on her parenting face, Roper reminds herself of five things:

1. Think of your depression the same way you would think of a cold or the flu: you're sick, and shouldn't expect to function (work, parent, cook, clean, etc.) at 100% capacity.

2. Try to get a little exercise, even if you really, really don't feel like it. It does help.

3. Resist the urge to drink. It's only a temporary fix, and not helpful in the long run.

4. Don't be a total hermit. Call on good friends who understand what's going on and are easy to be around.

5. Remember that letting the girls temporarily overdose on PBS Kids shows does not equal bad parenting.

Do you suffer from depression or the baby blues? How do you parent through it?

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I have a sever case of PPD. I had to ger on meds and i just remind myself to take them. I have not ever had any bad thoughts but i have thought about running away (W/O my kids). Deep down I love my children adn no that i am not that kind of mother who would even think about leaving her children. SO i called myd r and went in and tlakto him,. He explained what ws going on with, He then gave me meds and told me to take a nap daily,.have someone to watch my children one day out of a weke and to just lay down adn sleep. So that is what i have done and it helps alot. I have my good days and my bad days, i hoep that one day i will be back to normal adn wont be so irritable. i just have to remind myself that they are children its not there fault hat i fell this way so dont take it out on them.

maimutsa maimutsa

Well with me its not PPD but that i've been TTC for a year. I had a phantom pregnancy about two months ago andmy depression got worse. Sometimes i feel guilty for wanting another baby coz i have a four year old. But that just makes it worse coz my son is from a previous relationship and though my husband also has a son from a previous relationship, its both our first marriages and so we had been looking forward to having kids together. I try to take it one day at a time and hope for the best. But sometimes i just want to curl up and die and sometimes i lock myself in the bedroom and cry for hours which in turn deprives my son of his mommy.

yobab... yobabywazup

I thank God that women today have the internet and other outlets to help us battle depression! Just the fact that we have access to support and information! I feel bad for women 30+ years ago! What did our grandmothers do??? Its tough to say! Being strong and letting someone know how your feeling! Being supported by your family and friends is important.

Angel... AngelenaMays

This is great!  My bestfriend has been suffering from postpartum depression and it makes her more depressed to know that she is unable to bond with her child because of it.  I'll share these tips with her, they may be of great help.  Thank you! 

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