Four Ways to Have a Better Day


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Photo by LexsiesMommy

Finding time for yourself as a busy mom may be as realistic as waking up one morning magically 10 pounds thinner. But according to an article on, there are certain moves you can make to improve your mental health throughout the day.



My top picks from the list, organized by time of day:

  • Morning: Beat morning moodiness with a balanced breakfast. Use a three-cup formula to make it simple: One cup of whole-grain cereal, one cup of skim milk, and one cup of sliced strawberries or a banana. The combo of lean protein, whole-grain carbs, and nutrient-rich fruit allows the brain to form more feel-good chemicals. Go ahead and sprinkle a tablespoon of flaxseed on top for depression-fighting omega-3 vitamins.
  • Afternoon: Enjoy some high-tea American style, dah-ling. Drinking a cup of black tea daily lowers stress hormones and will make you more relaxed. Ahhh...
  • After work/school: Say "thank you." Showing appreciation for the people who help you -- babysitters, teachers, colleagues -- helps improve your outlook and makes you more resistant to emotional upset.
  • Evening: Romance yourself with candles. Vanilla, green apple, and cucumber scents in particular, have been shown to ease anxiety -- exactly what you need to smell before bed if you're stressed.


What are your feel good tricks? How do you decompress?



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