Do You Read Food Labels?

food labelI went on my first diet at nine. Thanks to my early foray into healthy living, I can still recite how many calories a Snickers Bar has compared to two slices of wheat toast with peanut butter. Remembering the content on food labels is a scary, Rain Man-like syndrome I'll never shake. I honestly think the reason why I love going to bin candy stores is the fact that there are no labels to interupt my actions. For $10, I have a bag of unknown calories and thus mission oral fixation accomplished. If I eat three candy bars, I know very well what I'm doing is wrong. Innocence is bliss, no?



Maggie Vink at That's Fit wrote, "Does Nutrition Information Change Your Order?" When she substituted vegetables for fries at a restaurant, Vink thought she ordered a healthy meal. But when she got home and looked up the calorie content online, she realized she had just consumed 1,000 calories in one meal! Now she makes a point of checking the nutrition information when it's listed on restaurant menus or on health websites before she decides what goes into her mouth and what stays in her head.

Does reading the nutrition information influence what you consume? How so?

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