The Pure Life/Best Life Challenge

Nestle Pure Life bottled waterExercise physiologist, Bob Greene knows the only thing standing in the way of becoming healthier is motivation. That's why he teamed up with Nestle to create The Pure Life/Best Life Challenge. The goal is to help families make small changes to form new healthy habits in four key areas: Eat Right, Drink Right, Get Active and Get Green.






In a survey supported by Nestle Pure Life brand bottled water, 92% of respondents reported that developing healthier habits is important for their families. Yet when asked to define their greatest barrier to building better habits, 88% claimed that lack of motivation and being unable to make the effort to change served as obstacles.

So who better than Greene to spearhead a health project? In addition to being Oprah Winfrey's personal trainer and a best-selling author, Greene also created The Best Life Program, which helps people plan their meals for weight loss.

To join the Pure Life / Best Life Challenge, registered participants will be asked to accomplish simple, everyday milestones within each of the four key areas--Eat Right, Drink Right, Get Active and Get Green. Each time a section is completed, participants will earn an online badge that shows their progress. This online badge system allows you to share your progess with others through email and on social networks like Facebook. Participants who buy cases of Nestle Pure Life can also earn "Healthy Rewards" for their families, which include bottled water coupons, sporting goods gift certificates, and Best Life memberships.


What helps you motivate every day?


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