The Cookie Diet. Yes, It's Real.


Cookie DietIf you haven't heard of this before, you can thank me now. Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet allows you to eat cookies and lose weight. True story.


In the 1970s, Dr. Siegal, bless his heart, engineered a food to specifically control hunger and help his patients stick to a low calorie diet. After a lot of trial and error, he came up with a secret protein formula and baked it into a cookie. The results were excellent. His patients were able to stick to their diet and lose weight without experiencing any significant adverse reactions. That was 34 years ago, and now more than 500,000 patients, including celebrities Jennifer Hudson, Mandy Moore, and Kelly Clarkson, follow his cookie diet. I talked to Dr. Siegal to find out more about this...miracle (eat cookies and lose weight, come on, that's miraculous).

How does the cookie diet work?

After first checking with your doctor and getting the green light to go on a diet, you eat six cookies during the day to control hunger and no other food. For dinner, you have a reasonable quantity of chicken, fish, turkey, or other lean protein and a cup of non-starchy green vegetables prepared without oil. The total recommended daily calorie intake is 1,000. On 1,000 calories a day, everyone loses weight. There are no failures.

How long does it take before you can start seeing results?

When you eat a low calorie diet, results are immediate.

Is it harder for women to lose weight after giving birth? Why?

There is no medical explanation for this, and in fact, that is not the experience I have had with women who have given birth. However, there seems to be an unexplained tendency for women to gain weight more easily after they have given birth as compared to before.

Why is it so damn hard to lose those last 10-20 pounds?

The last ten pounds are the hardest. But it’s not quite that simple. A more accurate way of putting it would be “The next pound is harder to lose than the previous one.” The explanation for this is that the less you weigh, the fewer calories you burn up just carrying your own weight. In other words, your own weight helps you lose it; the more you weigh, the more calories you need just to get around, and the easier it is to lose weight. How’s that for irony?

Is there a quicker way to lose it?

It all boils down to calorie intake and calorie output. Less food combined with more exercise is, of course, the answer. But there’s a limit. I have found that 800 to 1,000 calories works very well. But if you go below 800, you actually lose weight more slowly. What usually stands in the way of all diets is hunger. That’s where Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet cookies come in.

What's the biggest mistake women make when dieting?

That’s an easy one. They take a break from their diet before they have reached their goal. In my experience with hundreds of thousands of patients, when someone falls off the wagon before reaching her goal weight, she will gain back most of what she had lost before she decides to resume her diet.

Why do you think celebrities are attracted to this diet?

For the same reasons that everyone else is attracted to it: it works, it’s fast, and it’s safe, and the cookie controls their hunger. I’ve had many very famous patients over the years, and more recently, celebrities have purchased the cookies on or in our Beverly Hills store. After speaking to enough of them, I’ve come to realize that their weight issues are no different than anyone else’s.

Why does this diet make sense to the average mother?

The diet makes sense principally because it works. It has worked for over half a million people. It works because it addresses the single most negative influence on successful dieting: hunger.

What are the health benefits? Risks?

The health benefit: attaining a normal weight. The risks? Becoming a new person and having to confront the world with an entirely new self-image. Another risk: Not having to use one’s weight as an excuse for one’s dissatisfaction with one’s life experience.

What's your favorite diet program? Have you tried the Cookie Diet?

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s.teph s.teph

OUCH $59 a box.. at that rate, it might be a better choice to join Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers where they teach you to eat better and healthier and make a lifestyle change rather than reinforcing bad eating habits by eating cookies all day long. That's fine as long as you eat the "magic cookies", but the minute you stop your bad eating habits are still there, and you rebound back to your original weight.. or more.That fluctuation is worse than being overweight to begin with.Programs like WW or JC teach you to make a lifestyle change and push exercise and healthy choices, instead of a "get slim quick" solution.

Steph... Steph1499

its too expensive and  mom had a couple of coworkers that did it and  they gained pretty my all there weight back so u would have to be on it forever. lol

Plus-... Plus-size-mommy

Seriously, this is the dumbest thing ever. Are you going to eat cookies for the rest of your life? Because as soon as you go back to eating normal food, all the weight will come back And, beside that 1000 calories? It is recommended that you eat at least 1200, 1000 is much to low for an active adult.

EricaG87 EricaG87

Or you could eat a healthy diet of assorted fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low fat dairy and lean proteins totaling between 1200-1500 calories a day.  That way you can lose weight safely, healthily, and teach yourself good eating habits for a lifetime. 

nonmember avatar aquagirl

I have my boyfriends Diabetic, obese Mother on the cookies and his father without him really knowing – They are doing great and their doctor says the program is good for them.
A lot of older people and young for that matter do not eat through out the day and then grab what ever at the end of the evening. No matter what they put in their mouth after not eating all day is going to turn into to fat AUTOMATICALLY! No Matter what. Also FYI once you feel the hungry sensation, You are taking muscle and turning into fat!!!
Good luck guys, The cookies give you something to eat with the right balance of Proteins, Fat and Carbohydrates – Yes, you need carbohydrates and Fat. Check it out I don’t give a flying leap about fat I care about health. _ Nutritionist for 12 years.

auror... aurorabunny

Seriously, this is the dumbest thing ever. Are you going to eat cookies for the rest of your life? Because as soon as you go back to eating normal food, all the weight will come back And, beside that 1000 calories? It is recommended that you eat at least 1200, 1000 is much to low for an active adult.

Plus-size-mommy Apr. 27, 2009 at 9:52 AM

Ding ding ding, we have a winner.

Diets like this are irritating.  At some point people have to realize that losing weight and keeping it off involves healthy  (and nutrient rich) foods, exercise, and a lifestyle change.  Not eating a bunch of expensive cookies all day and then a dinner. 

nonmember avatar Dr. Siegal

When it comes to giving nutritional advice there's no shortage of "armchair quarterbacks" who feel they have the answer to excess weight. Never mind that none of these folks has ever helped a single overweight person reach a healthy weight. Well I've helped more than 500,000 such people and I did it by controlling their hunger with a special cookie. As for the cost, if you think that about $8.00 a day to replace two meals, stick to a reduced-calorie diet, and achieve a normal weight is expensive, you won't believe the financial and emotional cost of remaining overweight.

Sanford Siegal, D.O., M.D.
Miami, Florida

nonmember avatar Chrissy

Wow, $59 a box for cookies... Yum but that's a bit much... but I have a friend that said she would pay more if they worked, so maybe they might hit that kind of market, or the people that money isn't an issue, but at that rate, why not get some lypo or something... or Jenny Craig or Neutresystem would be a better option.
For me, my body has been ugly. I've learned to love myself after reading a book called Heath at Every Size, by Linda Bacon...
Now, I can look in the mirror and love who I'm looking at and love my body and love what I look like in certain clothes, before it was such a battle. I have laid my enemy to rest... now I find I'm not eating as much and losing weight. It's true what people say, when you're not trying that's when it will happen.

tinroof tinroof

I'm on the Smart For  cookie diet and I find I have saved a good amount of money at the grocery store since I began. I started on the Siegal cookies but did not like them a swell as the Smart For Life cookies. They do have a website at I have lost 29 pounds in 2 months and am well on my way.

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