Cellphones During Yoga Class - Yay or Nay?



Photo by Mamasita2Many

Jennifer Ginsberg needs an hour to herself. No kids, no questions, no emergencies. Yoga is the one place where she finds sanity. But when her studio enforced a "No Cellphones During Yoga Class" rule, her peers were livid.



In "Yoga Angst," on MomLogic, Ginsberg wrote about how this new cellphone policy brought out the inner conflict mothers have between being accessible to their kids and taking some time for themselves. Some mothers in the class were afraid of being unreachable should there be an emergency at home or if their child's school called. But Ginsberg's take on the situation is totally different: "One of the most unrelenting facts of motherhood is that you must always be available for your children, day and night, including weekends and holidays. I need a psychological break, and the idea that I can't be reached by anyone for an hour and a half is an incredibly appealing concept, selfish or not."

Do you feel obligated to keep your cell phone on 24/7 as a mother?

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