Is Microwaving Food Good or Bad?


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I'm a huge fan of Lean Cuisine frozen meals -- they're low in calories and tastier than a homemade sandwich. Plus, they're ready to eat in less than five minutes. But there's conflicting research out there about whether microwaving food is healthy or not. 


In his latest book, Eat This and Live! How to Make Simple Food Choices, bestselling author, Dr. Don Colbert suggests cooking frozen meals in an oven instead of a microwave to retain nutrients and avoid cancer. There's even a study that shows microwaved broccoli lost between 87 and 97 percent of several major cancer-protecting antioxidants. However, on the Health Physics Society website, a scientific organization of professionals who specialize in radiation safety, expert Gary H. Zeman, ScD, CHP, writes: "Cooking foods in a microwave oven does not alter them other than to heat them. There are no known effects on humans from microwaved food as opposed to foods heated by other means." Also, on the USDA website it states: "Microwave energy does not make food radioactive." In 2006, The New York Times ran a story debunking the danger and cited a Cornell University study that found that spinach retained nearly all its folate when cooked in a microwave, but lost about 77 percent when cooked on a stove. They also found that bacon cooked by microwave has significantly lower levels of cancer-causing nitrosamines than conventionally cooked bacon.

The verdict: Microwaving food is generally safe and without health risks.

Are you afraid of the microwave? Why or why not?

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M_May... M_May-Rafferty

I don't use microwaves.  I do believe they cause cancer.

Lexsi... LexsiesMommy get to the point everything we use causes brother whom died of cancer had a book...even the makeup we put on our faces ...contain..some sort of link with cancer...some chemical hold products..etc...


Catri... Catrin2009

We have a microwave but don't use it much. Mostly to reheat coffee or something.

bless... blessedmom1

Now, LexsiesMommy, got me scared to death.

Loa1002 Loa1002

I try and not to use my microwave. I never put anything in there that DS would eat. I think it is unnatural and takes away the nutrients of the food. I reheat food on the stove and use my toaster oven a lot too.

Natural Cures What They Dont Want You to Know About by Kevin Trueau first opened my eyes to it.

Loa1002 Loa1002

if you want to read about cancer read The Hundred year Lie by Randall Fotzgerald-he talks about chemicals are destroying our health. I would also recommend Natural Cures again. Leximommy is right-cosmetics are toxins and then you put them on your skin which is our biggest organ. I bought a shower filter just recently and will try and implement more greener items as time goes on. Next is a reverse osmosis water system for the kitchen sink.

youngmm youngmm

i hate microwaved food. gross.

c_dis... c_disario

I grew up with a home cooked meal, never fast food never frozen foods... yet we used the microwave all the time. to heat up left overs to defrost meat, and to boil water for tea... my dh on the other hand will not eat anything cooked or warmed up in a microwave... but he is accustomed to take out and frozen food (that stuff tastes gross after being cold so no wonder) all I know is my boss who is "mrs organic" and took every precausion possible to prevent cancer still got breast cancer! she said all this "organic"  shit is CRAP! ( I love her she is soo cute) but seriously I think no matter how careful you are we are still going to get something some day because we are having such long lives... and I think the only reason 1/2 the world population is here is because of modern day medicine... which is another topic at hand... no microwaving is perfectly fine!  

dovet... dovetailthreads

I haven't had a microwave for more than a year.  I'm convinced it zaps nutrients out of food and is generally not good. 

That said, I've just learned to live without it and like not having one.  I don't have enough counter space anyway...

LaNet... LaNette000

I use the microwave to warm cheese and sauces in, I don't cook meat in it. Somethings just aren't meant for the microwave. But I am not gonna freak out about it, a lot of things make us sick.

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