I'm Active for a Challenge

The following is a guest post by Monica Brady (aka Mommy Brain) for EA SPORTS Active.

EA SPORTS ActiveTM lets participants tackle their fitness goals at home with the fun and motivating fitness program designed exclusively for the Wii.TM To help get people started, EA SPORTS Active includes a guided 30 Day Challenge  -- a fitness roadmap that tailors workouts to the participant's level of fitness, tracks progress, and provides a "trainer" to give clear instruction, motivation and positive encouragement throughout the journey.

WOW. Just WOW.

Week one with the EA SPORTS Active has blown me away. I don't think I ever worked out this well at the gym! I seriously didn't know what body parts to work out when or how. It's so easy with EA SPORTS Active, and I know I'm getting a great workout!


Every time I complete my workout, I'm out of breath, my muscles are burning, and I am sweating. Yes...sweating! My husband was so surprised at my workouts that he joined in for a couple, too. He really felt it, too.

The coolest thing for me this week though, is my 1000 Calories burned trophy. I knew that I had been working out well, but wow...to burn 1000 calories in so short a time was awesome. I would walk for an hour and only burn about 200 calories. I wouldn't feel the burn, or be out of breath. The funny thing is, no matter how hard I tried to run on a treadmill, I just couldn't last more an a minute or so. I've had no problem keeping up on EA SPORTS Active. Sure, I'm out of breath, and my legs burn, but that means it's working right?!?!

OK, so enough chatter, I'm sure you want me to get to the results. Well, after one week of working out, just about 30 minutes, in 6 workouts, I lost 1% from my BMI and lost 2 lbs. I also lost some size because my capri pants that used to be a little tight around my belly are now almost hipsters.... My hubby says my face looks a little skinner as well as my behind. So yes, good things are happening here. I'm excited about Week 2!
I'm ready for it!

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