I'm Active for New Beginnings

The following is a guest post by Monica Brady (aka Mommy Brain) for EA SPORTS Active:

EA SPORTS ActiveTM lets participants tackle their fitness goals at home with the fun and motivating fitness program designed exclusively for the Wii.TM To help get people started, EA SPORTS Active includes a guided 30 Day Challenge  --  a fitness roadmap that tailors workouts to the participant's level of fitness, tracks progress, and provides a "trainer" to give clear instruction, motivation and positive encouragement throughout the journey.

EA SPORTS Active 30 Day Challenge Day 1, 2 & 3

So, I started the 30 Day Challenge on Saturday. I weighed in at 218, filled out my journal entries, and started the workout for the day.


WOW! It was awesome! Like I thought it would be anything but ... We are still in the process of unpacking our house after our cross country move, and I probably don't have as much energy left over in the day as I wish I did. I should probably do my workout in the morning, but that's when I'm trying to organize my house. Usually, my down time is in the evenings, after the girls' bedtime, so that's when I've chosen to exercise.

I think I really set my standards high for this challenge. I didn't pick the hardest level, because I didn't want to be turned off of the workout, and the same for the easy setting, but I did choose the medium level in hopes that it wouldn't be too bad, but that it would keep me challenged! It has!

Day 1 I chose to add in my Wii balance board, since I had it, I thought it would be interesting to see what it had to offer. Remember, it's not required for any of these exercises, but if you do already have one, you can use it with some of the techniques on the program.

I loved it. I didn't get to do the jumps on the inline skating. Instead, it had me dodge hay bales. With the boxing, it added in kicks and knees. I thought it gave me a pretty good overall workout. It definitely enhanced some of the exercises, but again, you don't have to have one to get a great workout!

Day 2 I worked out my upper body a little and my lower body a lot. It was a great cardio workout, and I really exceeded my projected calories burned for the workout. I was so out of breath and literally dripping with sweat. I know, I know. TMI. But you have to know that this will give you a GREAT workout!

My husband actually watched most of my workout that evening, and cheered me on while he was in the room. He was very impressed with my statistics when I had completed the workout, and that was probably more encouraging than anything else. After Day 2's workout, I'm sore, and I feel great. What's crazy is that I actually look forward to working out on Day 4!!!

Day 3 This was my off day, and I wasn't required to do any exercising. I spent most of today unpacking and breaking down boxes; a pretty good workout if I do say so myself. I did find myself missing the EA SPORTS Active workout, so I created a quick custom workout while my girls were napping.

I put together some of the sports workouts, and had so much fun. I think that's one of the reasons I'm really going to succeed with this challenge. I get a great workout and I don't even feel like I'm exercising. Going to the gym used to feel like a chore, dealing with the daycare, sick children, locker rooms, etc. Now I don't have to deal with any of that. I can't wait to see what next week has to offer! I'll have to try a weigh-in too!

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