Lose Weight With an iPhone

iphone Losing weight is another thing you can add to the list of "Cool Things We Can Do With Technology." USA Today profiled 34-year-old Chris Burns yesterday who lost weight with the help of his iPhone. I knew these phones/mp3 players/mini computers were cool, but this takes the cake (pun intended).



Burns gained weight like most of us do -- he ate out regularly, sat in long work meetings, and didn't exercise enough. So back in October, he downloaded the weight-loss application MyNetDiary ($5 a month) to his iPhone and used it to track calories. He's lost 32 pounds so far. He told USA Today: "If I'm sitting at a restaurant, I look up my options and keep track of my caloric intake," he says. "It allows me to record my exercise and what I am burning every day, not only going for a run but also walking the dog. It keeps me at a level to meet my target weight loss. To me, weight loss is a matter of simple math. It's how much you are burning and how much you are putting in." 

You can use MyNetDiary without the iPhone, of course. If you sign up to become a member, you can use the service from any computer. But if you're always on the road like Burns was for business, and you own an iPhone, it's a great way to have a diet coach on you 24/7.

Things you can do with the program:

  • Look up calorie contents of mostly any food you're about to eat
  • Keep track of how many calories you're consuming daily
  • Chart your weight loss
  • Chat with registered dietitians and community members for advice and support

Do you keep a food journal? How has it helped you?


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