Balancing Work and Family

From the documentary Who Does She Think She Is?

Work. Kids. Career. Family. It's a topic most of us wrestle with everyday.

WaitingSarah posted a popular question last week in the Advice for Moms group asking What Do You Do to Balance Working and Being a Mom?

The enlightening thread made me think of a new documentary called Who Does She Think She Is? that hit theaters last Friday.


The film is about how difficult it is to be a mother and a careerwoman. The documentary points out that many of our most famous women--Emily Dickinson, Amelia Earhart and Janis Joplin--didn't even have children.

It doesn't seem fair. The balance is tricky.

ShelbysHope, who works full time and has two children, gave some thoughtful advice though:

  • Take it day by day, and remember what your priorities are.
  • Have enough clothes and towels to last a week. Fewer major meltdowns over dirty clothes means you have more time to spend with the little ones. 
  • Leave work at work when you leave for the day, it'll help the night go more smoothly. If your'e stressed, the kids pick up on it, and it makes for one heck of a night. 
  • Have a glass of wine after everyone is in bed with no TV on. Read a book or just enjoy the quiet. You'll be amazed at what this will do.

Can women do their jobs--even be passionate about their careers--and be good mothers too? How do you do it?

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