5 Ways to Avoid Fall Weight Gain

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Holy hamburger. I just read an article that says we eat an average of 200 more calories per day in the fall which equals up to 4 pounds a year. And I don't even think that includes our trips to fall festivals and pumpkin patches.


According to a story on active.com, we tend to blame the holidays for our fall weight gain, but that probably isn't even the case. One expert says it's evolutionary: We eat more to store up for the winter when food won't readily be available.

Um, this can't happen to me this year if I want to fit into my pre-baby jeans. So here are tips to avoid autumn overeating.

  • Eat soups, preferably without heavy cream
  • Never bring a whole bag or bowl of anything to the coffeetable or couch--measure portions
  • Eat turkey--white meat is lean
  • Get out and enjoy the fall weather--take walks and bike rides with the kids
  • Watch the toppings on your pizza--they can double the calories in you pie


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