How Did You Lose Your Baby Weight?

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My youngest is 14 months old, and I'm just now starting to recognize my body again. My strategies are, as you can see, hardly earth-shattering: I eat less and move around more. It has taken me a lonnng time.

How are other CafeMoms shedding their pounds? A recent baby weight thread in the After Pregnancy: Babies and Toddlers group was very popular about this topic.


Here are some highlights:

From charmelin: "I stopped drinking soda and coffee and rode my bike 2 or 3 times a week."

From MyTwoAngels0608: "Use playtime with your baby as a small work out. They love it. I do leg bends and hold the little one and use him as a weight. Also, I do arm presses above my head and bicep curls with him... lol! He loves this!"

From CatRose15: "I found a website called FitDay that you put in what you ate for the day and it breaks down how many carbs, fats and protiens you ate - what ones are bad and how much vitamins you are getting in you - and then I have adjusted my eating habits based on the reports - I started eating more fish, tofu and hummus to increase my protien intake without increasing my fat intake to much and I have cut down on how much bread I eat."

More good tips are always welcome. dumbbell


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