Diet Perils at the Pumpkin Patch

Photo by momiilu

Last weekend, we went to a fall festival that was chock full of fun.

But it was also chock full of apple cider, hot chocolate, cookies, popcorn, doughnuts and of course candy apples. I, like half of the free world, am trying to shed baby weight. So it wasn't easy to just say no when the whole place smelled like cinnamon and butter.


I did it, though.

I skipped the hot dog, shared the supersized candy apple with my preschool daughters and I got a plain hot tea instead of yummy, calorie-laden apple cider. I was still hungry, but I waited until I was home to make myself a turkey wrap.

How do you deal with diet perils at the pumpkin patch? And all that Halloween candy is just around the corner! Tips please.

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