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The P90X Extreme Home Fitness program is all the rage these days for those of us looking to get fit and get fit quickly. The promise as listed on the company website: "P90X is a revolutionary system of 12 sweat-inducing, muscle-pumping workouts, designed to transform your body from regular to ripped in just 90 days. Your personal trainer, Tony Horton, will keep you engaged every step of the way, and you won't believe your results!"

Sounds perfect, but like many diet and fitness trends, it's hard to know what's really right for us and what's just hype. So, I talked to someone who's done the program to see what she says about P90X.

CoachJenn is not only a CafeMom, she's also a personal fitness coach, who loves "helping women get in the best shape of their lives." She started the P90X program on December 1, 2008 and finished in March 2009.

How did you find out about the program?

Like many people, I initially found out about P90X through a TV commercial. I had just begun a home program to lose the 50 pounds of pregnancy weight I was still holding onto after my two children. When I first saw P90X, I thought, “There is NO WAY I can do that.” Now, I am so proud of myself for completing it. P90X really helped me to get in the best shape of my life.

Why did it appeal to you compared to other programs?

Seeing the results of the program participants was the first thing that attracted me. I could not believe the amazing body transformations in just 90 days. As I did a little research about the program, I really liked the way that P90X was entirely mapped out for me. All 90 Days had workout and meal recommendations to follow. There was no guesswork. With a 12-workout rotation, changing each week, I never got bored. The workouts always kept me feeling challenged and motivated to get better and stronger each week. I also liked Tony Horton as the trainer. He is very down-to-earth, yet motivating and inspiring at the same time.

What did it help you with?

EVERYTHING! P90X does not leave a muscle untouched. You really learn to work every part of your body and improve endurance, strength and flexibility. The trainer Tony Horton, coined the phrase, “Muscle Confusion.” The idea is that your body never gets used to one thing so that you constantly need to change and adapt. This helps to create amazing changes in your strength and physical appearance.

What was your regimen?

P90X is mapped out in three phases. The first three phases have three challenging weeks and one recovery week. The final phase has four challenging weeks followed by a final recovery week. Workouts are six days a week and take between 45-90 minutes to complete. There are three strength workouts per week, two cardio and one yoga. Strength workouts rotate between upper and lower body always providing two days between these harder sessions for appropriate muscle recovery.

Do you recommend the product to other people? Why or why not?

This program is not for beginners. If you are more intermediate to advanced, and really want to kick it up a notch, I highly recommend P90X. What is so great about the Beachbody workouts is that there is something for every fitness level. I started with Turbo Jam and moved up to P90X.

How much did it cost you? Is that standard?

The program costs $120 retail. It is 10% off for Team Beachbody Club Members. Considering that this program is much less costly than a gym membership or personal training sessions, it is worth every penny.

How long before you saw results?

I saw significant results in only 30 days. Some women in particular take a bit longer. By day 90, I have never heard someone say there were disappointed in their results.

What are the results?

The proof is in the before and after photos of thousands of program followers, me included. I lost 15 pounds, 2 inches around my waste, 1.5 inches on each thigh, and 2.5 inches around my hips. My muscle definition is also terrific and my strength is amazing. For example, I can now do ALL of my push-ups on my toes. I used to do them all on my knees.

How are you maintaining?

Many people enjoy P90X so much that they continue with another round. Since I am a Team Beachbody coach, I wanted to try the newest program called ChaLEAN Extreme. I incorporate some of P90X workouts into my week as well.

Any advice to women trying to shed some pounds?

Have a “Big Picture” goal in mind, but set smaller, achievable goals to get there. For example, I started with the goal of riding my exercise bike for 10-15 minutes a day. Over time, I worked up to 45 minutes. Then, I decided to try Turbo Jam and then finally P90X. My overall goal was to lose approximately 40-50 pounds, but I focused on the smaller steps to get there. Each week, I focused on a new accomplishments like being able to complete 10 push ups. I did not weigh myself very often. Instead, I focused on my strength and endurance improvements and measurements. Women often think they are not strong enough to try weights or that they will bulk them up. It is just the opposite. Muscle burns fat. It really is my new fountain of youth. At age 40 and after two children, I'm proud to say that I'm in the best shape of my life.

Do you think the P90X program is for you? Why or why not? What workout program do you prefer?

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cafemama cafemama

wow! congratulations - that's an amazing transformation!

mellypoo mellypoo

my husband and i really want to try this but there was some kind of glitch when we ordered it and it didn't go through, and we have yet to re-order it. i am stunned by the results and love the philosophy. i can't wait to order and get into it.

Veela Veela

p90x is AWESOME. and not very costly when you consider you'll have it forever.... my sister and I have so much fun doing it together. my only problem is i skip days a lot - with three very little kids things just come up - i really want to dedicate myself to it though...

Coach... CoachJenn

I love coaching my clients through P90X. My coaching is totally free when you order any Beachbody program through my site, so stop on by and sign up to place your order. If for nothing else, stop on by my site for almost daily health and fitness tips too!

- Coach Jenn

deput... deputywife

wow great job. I have the P90x, but not the meal plan, just the Videos.  I am intimidated.  Congrats to you for doing it and sticking to it.

Momof... Momof3cuties

I am on phase 2 of the program,however, I have been sick or had some issues with my neck/back that caused me to have to take days off at a time...which I hate!  I am actually hoping to get back to it tomorrow.  The workouts are killer & I was seeing some results when I was consistent with the workouts...I am about 2 weeks out of whack..I have been doing it but missing a day or 2 at a time so I am not getting the full benefit of the program. 

Fista... Fistandantalus

Through a ton of research, I have determined that the P90X program is not worth the money.  The exact same results can be achieved by increasing one's workout intensity as strength and stamina increase.  Know your target heart zone and make sure you get and stay there to maximize your cardio, keep your body guessing by varying your workouts and increasing repetitions and/or weight or resistance.  The essential exercises found in the P90X program can be found for free on YouTube.  A little research and effort on your part, and you can get into your "skinny jeans" without having a skinny wallet as well.

Lumin... LuminousMom

no.. not for me. I dropped 30 pounds by eating properly and doing safe, moderate exercise. Programs like this just dont work for me.. I appriciate they help some people... but I am not motivated by the TV, I need the real outdoors, a real bike, a real gym, to stick to it.

Poled... Poledancemama

Sound intresting....I was able to lose all the baby weight from my 4th child in only 5 months. I was shocked! I did it though POLE DANCING!! So much fun, I've been a personal trainer for 8yrs and no work out has been more FUN and effective. You get your cardio, strength and flexablity all in one and you feel sexy...something that is hard to do when your covered in breast milk and never get a shower. wink mini

sherriet sherriet

Chronic back issues here, no P90X for me. 

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