Pregnancy And Body Image - How Do You Measure Up?

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"In high school and college I was about 128-130 pounds, athletic with a stomach that rivaled Britney Spears'.  I'm 5'6" and I looked super hot at that weight! Of course at the time I thought I was fat. Boy, did I have another thing coming! I have a set of 14-and-a-half-month-old twin boys and another on the way and I feel like a cow. I lost the baby weight after the boys, but I gained weight again after, and now I'm filling out all over much more quickly with this baby. I went and did some shopping yesterday and trying things on was somewhat depressing. My thoughts when I looked in the mirror: "Ah! Who the @#$! is that?!"

This is a comment I came across in the Pregnancy group when searching for "body image." I think many of us can relate to what meowmixer posted about not recognizing the woman staring back at us in the mirror.



No matter what your body type before pregnancy, it will drastically change once the bun is in the oven. Some of the perks of pregnancy include swollen ankles, bigger breasts, wider hips, and increasing pant sizes. Hopefully, everyone can enjoy the fact that they're pregnant and get support from loved ones before the little one arrives and the post-baby lifestyle begins.

Meowmixer asked the group a good question: "What do you do to help you feel better about yourself if you're feeling sub-par?"

Idomatter replied: "What I do to keep myself positive is my best to not eat terrible and continue to go to my exercise classes. The best we can do is only the best we can do, and that is my best advice."

And she's right. Just like we have to adjust to these new little people we bring into the world, we have to readjust how we look at ourselves -- and cut ourselves some slack.

Ashley1213 said it best: "I know what you're going through! I am a former beauty queen and model. I am 5'7" and had never weighed over 125 lbs in my entire life before I got preggo! But over the past few months, I have grown to love my newly acquired curves (I now weigh 135 lbs), and I wouldn't trade anything in the world for my little girl. You have a whole new respect for your own mother after you give birth yourself! It's amazing the transformations momma's make."

How has your body image changed during and after pregnancy?


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