A Cold Shower Is Good For You

Green Guidecold showerBurr...just the thought of taking a cold shower makes me shiver. But there are people out there, like those who do the famous polar bear plunge, who enjoy taking a dip into freezing cold water. And it turns out they're onto something, besides getting a quick thrill. It just so happens that cleansing yourself in cold water is good for the environment and good for your health.



On the Discovery Channel's Planet Green website, writer Josh Peterson listed all the ways in which cold water improves your health and protects the Earth. 

Points for Mother Nature:

  • To get warm water, you must use electricity for heat. Cold shower = less electricity.
  • You're more likely to use less water in less time while taking a cold shower as opposed to a nice warm, relaxing shower.

Points for your health:

  • Switching between hot and cold water in the shower is good for your circulation. When the shower is cold, all your blood goes to the organs to keep them heated. When the shower is hot, the blood goes to the skin to keep from overheating your organs.
  • Cold water is better for your complexion. Hot water makes your skin dry by depleting the water-retentive fatty substances in your skin.
  • Since hot water opens pores and cold water shrinks them, some believe that cold water makes your hair shinier and prevents baldness.
  • Hot water lowers sperm count.

Now that you know the facts, is taking a cold or colder shower something you'd consider? Why or why not?




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