Easter Candy And Other Diet Saboteurs


Easter candy

Photo by dstny157

A couple of weeks ago, Cafe Kim asked about your favorite Easter candy and over 20 of you commented and 90 of you voted, revealing just how much we all love candy even as adults. Monkeyberry wrote: "Stale Peeps are the bomb." Lennon_Molly agreed. The most popular candy? Cadbury Candy Eggs, which won 30 percent of the votes.




As some of you may already know, I don't need any excuse to eat candy -- it's sadly my favorite food group. Whenever I go to the market lately, I have to fight the temptation to throw all the pretty colored Easter candy in my basket. (Damn you, pastel M&M's!) Hard-boiled eggs are much healthier and dyeing them can be fun. Sigh.

Tell me: What are your biggest holiday food temptations? What's the most dangerous holiday to your health?

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