Drink Less, Weigh Less


sugar sweetened drinksA study published in the April 1st edition of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition linked weight loss to a reduction in liquid calorie consumption. The study was cited this week in an MSNBC report, "Liquid calories, a bigger diet-buster than food." Apparently, sugar-sweetened beverages (soft drinks, sodas, fruit drinks) are the biggest hindrance to weight loss. (Hmm...I scream for ice cream!)


Over the course of 18 months, researchers monitored the liquid calorie intake of 810 male and female subjects, ages 25-79, from Baltimore, Baton Rouge, Durham, N.C., and Portland, Ore. They found that participants who reduced their liquid calorie intake lost an average of 0.55 pounds at the six month mark and 0.52 pounds at 18 months.

The report also cites earlier studies by Bloomberg School researchers who have linked the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages to the obesity epidemic, which affects two-thirds of adults in the U.S.

Back in 2006, former U.S. President, Bill Clinton, worked with the American Heart Association and soda manufacturers to ban sugary soft drinks from public schools. And now, some states are considering taxing sugar-sweetened drinks like cigarettes.

What do you think of imposing bans and taxes on sugary drinks? Do you limit your family's intake?

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emils... emilsmama

i lost several pounds once when i stopped drinking everything but water. its been nearly a decade and i have yet to taste a soda again. i dont want to. i dont drink juice either. my 4 year old gets diluted juice and never pop or kool aid. i mean she can have it at school during snack time once in a while but its for a treat, not for habit. usually she just wants water. you will never see anything to drink in my fridge except for cold water.

aiden... aidensmom570

we never have pop or soda in our house my son gets diluted juice and if I do make koolaid I make it with 1/2 the sugar

sweet... sweetheart4171

I agree with this....my hubby is a soda junkie, and I believe if he'd stop drinking the stuff he'd lose his gut!!  I on the other hand HATE soda...water is the only thing that quenches my thirst!

Lumin... LuminousMom

I agree with this too.. I used to be a bank teller and I would watch the 10 other tellers suck down sweetened coffee drinks, soda, canned teas with sugar... They could drink 10 or more a day! If theres 200 calories per can, thats a DAYS worth of calories from drinks alone. I wont drink sugar sodas.. but I drink diet coke.. at least Im not getting the calories from it.

I think TAXING them is rediculous.. but I dont think they should be offered up in elementary or middle schools. (in high school, they can leave campus and get it.. so I dont see the point of banning it.) What ever happened to drinking a bottle of water in school? Thats what we did... and yes, I will limit what my kids can drink when they are old enough. They are 4 and 2.. they have never even tasted Soda, and we dont let them drink juice either unless its 100% natural and cut with water. Juice is a TREAT, not a staple of their diet.

livin... livinghealthy

I was very much glad when President Clinton banned soft drink machines from the schools.   At the time, my children's school would use the "juice machine" for rewards for good behavior.   The "juice machine" was nothing more than sugary lemonades and orange drinks.  No juice in sight.   We do limit the amount of soft drinks in our house.  Water is the #1 drink for us.  I once showed my children just how much sugar was in a 12 oz. can of soda.  When you put that much sugar on a plate, it hits home just how much extra calories you are consuming.

As far as taxing, I think that the states realizes that there are a lot of drinks sold through vending machines and know that this will generate some extra income for them.


Agent... AgentBrez

i dont think the govt should impose bans or extra taxes, it should be up to the individual to make the decision to "drink well" or not. personally, i almost never drink anything with calories. to me, i would rather eat my calories than drink them. this is the main reason i hardly drink alcohol.

foodd... fooddiaryuser

OH, I know I should drink water...but I can't stand the thought of life without Vernor's Ginger Ale all day! I KNOW its an addiction...but, I vow right here to start by watering it down a little. And, to the universe, OK, I will open a bottle of water and carry it around the house with me until I can wean off of soda...I really have to start somewhere and this is my guiltiest pleasure...oye!

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