Tap Water is Better (And Cheaper) Than Bottled Water

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tap waterWater -- we can't live without it. We need it to hydrate and to stay clean. So in honor of Earth Month, let's look at some ways to save water. For starters, rethink the water in your home. Not only is it better for the environment to use tap water, it's usually better for your health.

Tap water contains fluoride, which is good for your teeth and though some bottled water manufacturers add fluoride, the process of bottling the water and distributing it to vendors creates waste and uses up fuel.

According to data from the Earth Policy Institute (EPI), manufacturing 29 million plastic bottles used for water in the U.S. requires the equivalent of more than 17 million barrels of crude oil.

Ouch. Oh, and with bottled water prices at a couple dollars a gallon, it costs us more than $15 million a year just to drink the stuff! So how else can you be green and save your greenbacks?


There's now a new product on the market that recycles the water in your bathroom. In layman's terms, the Sloan® AQUS® Greywater System basically uses water from your sink to flush your toilet. Used water that flows from your sink drain (known as greywater) goes through a sanitation device and then into a storage reservoir under the sink. When you flush your toilet, water from the reservoir is used.

An average two-person household can save up to 5,000 gallons of fresh water a year using this system, so imagine what entire families can save. According to a sales rep at the company, the system costs $395 (1-800-9-VALVE-9 or sloanvalve.com).

That's a bit out of my price range, so I think I'll start with drinking tap water, but tell me: What ways do you save water? How far do you go to be green?


For more tips on recycling in your home go to Home & Garden Buzz.

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Ultim... UltimaMom

I am confused. I keep hearing some say adding fluoride to water is actually bad for your health and really not necessary. I honestly don't know one way or another, it is just from different studies that I read about water. One says it's great for you and another says it's not. Hmm...

Momma... MommaTasha1003

We use filtered water from our tap.....

The news going around about the jet fuel being in water & formula freak me out!

What is going on with our world :( we need water & we need food to survive, they already said our food is not as nutricious as it was 10 years ago because of over production & water pollution is going to get worse & worse unless the public takes action.

lizzeh lizzeh

Bottled water is tap water.

If you buy Aquafina in Michigan, you're getting Detroit tap water.

Agent... AgentBrez

ive never understood people buying bottled water for their daily consumption. its a watse of money. growing up we always drank tap and when brita came out with the pitchers that filter water we used that. the fridge that came with the house we moved into in July has a water and ice dispenser so we use that.

AprilDJC AprilDJC

I use tap water and find nothing wrong with it. We live on a military installation that uses its own wells and they test regularly for water quality. However, some tap water does not contain fluoride, so check with your water company to see if your tap water contains fluoride if it is a concern to you. I have to have fluoridated water because of dental issues my kids have.

M_May... M_May-Rafferty

Fluoride is a chemical!  Simple as that. I will not allow my family to consume chemicals.  What's good for teeth: no sugar, no candy, no soda, and brush your teeth after eating and drinking anythingwith tooth paste w/o fluoride.  My son's teeth are healthy compared to most kids his age.

Lanasmom Lanasmom

I buy bottled for a couple reasons--1. our water tastes horrible, even after i filter it.  2. Everyone flushes unused meds and guess where it goes? To our water, and they don't filter that out--i don't wanna drink God only knows how many drugs. -- So yes while bottled water is tap water--it is also filtered and purified, and tap water isn't.

IceMi... IceMistress105

I buy "spring" water, not "drinking" water. There is a difference.  I will not even drink the water from the filter. It still smells bad and it tastes like chemicals.

RanaA... RanaAurora

That "greywater" thing is awesome.  I wonder if my toilet would smell minty from our toothpaste?

ANyway, tap water IN SOME PLACES is healthier.  In other places, I wouldn't drink it if you PAID me.

Diana... DianaRo42

You can save on plastic bottles, by reusing at the filtered water stations around your town. They usually only coast 25 cents a gallon, and yes some water we drink out of taps, is not safe!  Like in Salines  area in Central  CA. Hemit,  or is (Hemet?)also is not safe for infants, here in So CA.

So, I would do anything to protect my family. I drink water that is filtered in these stations, because some bottled water is just tap water.

DianaRo42wink mini

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