We Need Me Time!


posted by roxysmommy

I babysit for a dear friend of mine, Susan, who has two daughters: Amelia, seven, and Simone, two. I love these girls, but they can run me so ragged that four hours sometimes feels like eight and I want me-time again. I ask Susan all the time: How do you manage?


Susan is a working mother who has a husband, a nanny, and a babysitter for support. But this doesn't mean she gets any alone time. When she's not working, she's taking care of her family. And though she and her husband occasionally get a date-night together (enter me, the babysitter) she rarely gets time just to breathe and think, aka relax. According to a poll conducted by the American Pyschological Association last year, women are more stressed than men about their family's needs.

What are your tips for squeezing in me-time? How do you spend your alone time?

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