Do You Gain Weight When You're In Love?


Love. It can have more than just an emotional effect on us, it can also have a physical effect...and not in a positive way.

I read about a study on Cosmo's website that found, over the course of a 5-year period, women in their late teens and early 20s who were part of a twosome put on more weight than single gals.



In fact, the stronger the commitment, the bigger the weight gain. Women who lived with their SO gained, on average, 3 additional pounds while those who got married packed on an extra 9.

Why?? Well, think about it. When you're in a relationship, you do a lot more late-night dining, you're more likely to order a glass of booze instead of water, and it's so much more fun to snuggle up on the couch and relax instead of hitting the gym. And I don't know about you, but when I have my sexy man laying in the bed next to me, that 7am Pilates class just does not sound enticing.

And just because you know your SO will love you unconditionally, even if you pack on a few pounds, you may start to feel self-conscious about your body which will keep you from letting loose in the bedroom, and that's no fun for either of you!

So how do we keep from gaining weight when we meet our mate? First and foremost, realize that those chips your guy's snackin' on while you guys watch TV doesn't have quite the same effect on him as it does you. "Men require 25-40 percent more calories than women do," says Martha McKittrick, an NYC nutritionist. But let's be honest, you can't just sit there and not snack along with him, so be sure to buy baked chips or light ice cream, munchies that are both weight- and guy-friendly.

Try cooking from home instead of going out for date night. You are more likely to eat healthier, drink less or no alcohol, and you can throw in low fat ingredients into the recipes. And instead of snuggling in front of the tube, do a workout class together! It's good bonding time and it'll help both of you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This gives a whole new meaning for those love handles, doesn't it? I know I'm guilty of gaining weight when I'm involved with someone. Do you have a tendency of letting the pounds pack on when you are in L-O-V-E?


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