Would You Want to Live to be 130?


oldest woman in the world

photo by LelandsMommy

Cafe Suzanne stopping by the Healthy Living Buzz ...

The other day, the potentially oldest woman in the world Sakhan (Sarah) Dosova turned 130. One hundred and thirty. That's a lot of candles. According to her passport (she's from Kazakhstan), Sarah was born on March 27, 1879—that's the year Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, and both Joseph Stalin and Albert Einstein were born. Sarah was married twice and has ten children (three are still alive). What's the secret to her longevity?


Sarah attributes her good health and long life to:

1. Staying away from sweets

2. Never taking any medications (when she was sick she used herbs and followed her granny's recipes)

3. Eating a lot of cheese and yogurt

4. A good sense of humor

"We need to be happy in our life, only then we won't notice the years going by," said Sarah. "Playing or speaking to a great person brings more health than all the medications you can take."

Just think, if you're around 30 now you could still have another 100 years to live.

Would you like to live to be 130?  And more importantly, would you give up sweets to do it?


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