Dealing With Overactive Sweat Glands

I have a tendency to sweat easily. Though I haven't gone as far as asking my doctor about it, it's definitely more than the average girl...or guy for that matter.



Good news is, I'm one of those lucky people who don't smell when they sweat unless I'm doing some major hardcore workout, so the whole smelly-factor isn't an issue. But, still...I can't wear shirts that are really tight around the arms, black is one of my favorite colors to wear (shows less perspiration), and I love summer not for the warm weather but because I can wear tank tops (let my armpits breathe!!). I've tried practically every antiperspirant on the shelf but have yet to find one that works 100%. I sweat even when I'm cold and heaven forbid I get super stressed.

A medical condition called hyperhidrosis, commonly called overactive sweat glands, may be to blame. For me personally, I'm not dripping with sweat, but it is an annoyance to have some wetness under my arm even when it's 30-degrees outside!

I know you may be thinking "eww" and it's probably not nearly as bad as I'm making it out to be. But like I's an annoyance.

So, for any of you other super-sweaters out there, here are some options:

  • Watch your vices-Carrying extra weight, smoking, and drinking alcohol or caffeine can all increase sweat.
  • Use dress shields-Place a stick-on dress shield in the underarm of a dress or blouse to avoid the telltale dark circles.
  • Prescription antiperspirants-This could help with mild cases of hyperhidrosis...I think I may bring this up at my next doctor's visit.
  • Prescription meds-Taken orally, though with side effects such as blurred vision, dry mouth, and constipation, I think I'd rather take the sweaty pits.
  • Botox injections-Temporary solution and most insurance companies do not pay for it, which means I'll not be doing this one.
  • Iontophoresis-A weekly procedure done at the hospital where electrical currents pass across the area to temporarily stop production of sweat. This is more for severe cases.

Please tell me there are others out there like me! Do you sweat a lot? How do you handle it?

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