Pillow Talk

Tempur-Pedic neck pillow

I don't go anywhere without my pillow.

Hi-ya! Cafe Cynthia here taking a break from Toddler Buzz to focus on ME for a change!

My husband likes to make fun of me in the bedroom.

"For a small person, you need an awful lot of pillows to sleep," he often says.

So I use three pillows -- is that really a lot?

He also thinks it's funny that I won't travel anywhere without them. I've often brought a second carry-on just for my pillows.

Let me introduce you to them ... the first, and most important piece of foam and fabric in my life: the memory foam side pillow. There's the particular brand I have above. (And nope, that beautiful, well-rested, and obviously childless woman sleeping on the bed is not me.)


This pillow -- a very expensive one that I received as a Christmas gift a few years back -- has worked miracles on my back and neck pain. I mean, how could technology developed and used by NASA not be awesome, right? It has a groove that cradles your head, while a rounded bump supports your neck. I find that I toss and turn so much less, too -- all adding up to a better night's sleep (what little I get).

Now for my other two pillows. One is a super flat and stiff pillow that I use between my legs to keep my knees from knocking, a habit that hails back to my prego days.

And because I also like to keep my shoulders from bowing in when I'm sleeping on my side, I also clutch a big, puffy pillow against my chest. My husband can't get near me, I'm so well protected with all my pillows. Which is usually a good thing, because I need more sleep.

I want to hear all about the pillows in your life! How many pillows do you sleep with? Do you take your pillows with you on overnight trips, too?

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