Valerie Bertinelli Loses Weight, Poses In Bikini: Would You Do It?

Valerie BertinelliWould you pose on the cover of People magazine in a bikini?

I would not.

If you lost weight and all of a sudden had a killer buff bod, would you do it?

I still would not. I have issues involving bikinis. Issues like I'll never ever wear a bikini as long as I live so help me dear sweet Jesus. I am way too pale and freckly, and besides, I can't afford plastic surgery.

But Valerie Bertinelli did pose on the cover of People in a cute green bikini, as I just read over on Mrs. Mogul. This bikini is green, of course, to depict my jealously.

Valerie Bertinelli looks amazing.


But supposedly, Valerie, at age 48, lost 50 pounds using Jenny Craig. She's definitely a pin up beauty once again.

I like Jenny Craig. My husband and I joined after the twins were born. We looked pretty hot after a couple of months on it. We never wore bikinis, but we did lose about 30 pounds total.


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What do you think about Valerie on the cover of People?

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