3 Nutrition Tips to Stay Beautiful


Dr. Michael Roizen

Dr. Michael Roizen


I recently had a chance to speak with Dr. Michael Roizen on the the phone. I was psyched. He's the doctor who's been on Oprah for years with his RealAge tips.

You must take the RealAge quiz. I was shocked when I did it recently.

These days, he appears on TV with his co-author, Dr. Oz. Their latest book is You, Being Beautiful.

According to Dr. Roizen, we are what we eat. Here are some of Dr. Roizen's tips on nutrition for staying beautiful.


Dr. Roizon says the things that you do during pregnancy to stay healthy are some of the best things you can do throughout your life to stay beautiful.

  1. Get enough DHA from fish oil and walnuts. These oils are excellent for your skin.
  2. Don't eat too much saturated fat or red meat.
  3. Protect your skin during the day and feed it at night. Use SPF lotion during the day and an inexpensive beauty cream at night.

Do you have daily regimes you do to stay beautiful? I know that if I eat too many greasy foods, I can see it in my skin. It becomes oily and yellow. I also make a big effort to drink plenty of fluids. When I don't get enough water, I swear I look 5 years older.

What healthy things do you do to stay pretty?

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